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Karla Bonilla - Founder
Founder at Grü Marketer with six years experience as marketing leader and project leader in entrepreneurship & innovation. Blogger of relevant health topics. 

Sven Wedemeyer - Co-Founder
Researcher and project leader at UiO

 34 MNOK in personal research grants: European Research Council, forskningsrådet, PI Centre of Excellence @UiO (180 MNOK)​.

 First author of Nature cover article

Jo Korneliussen - Advisor
CEO & Co-Founder at Pawa. Winning MA product designer with 10 years experience. One of the brains behind Pawa and the designer of the product line. Co-founder of the Norwegian design studio Fimbul Design, representing Norwegian design for several years in New York and London. Co-owner in Moonwalk Tomorrow.

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